Our Process

PRO-Advisory groups meet once a month for approximately 3 hours to share issues, discuss problems and opportunities, evaluate progress, determine goals, and receive honest feedback in a comfortable setting.

Each PRO-Advisory group is comprised of not more than 10 local area members. These members are peers selected from a wide range of non-competing companies that are similar in size, revenue and complexity. It’s a support group and sounding board where you talk confidentially, feel at ease, and receive thought provoking ideas.

Each members issues are addressed by an experienced, knowledgeable moderator/facilitator who has received extensive PRO-Advisory training. Your moderator organizes and creates the agenda for your meetings and is adept at handling group dynamics. Meetings are kept on track and each member’s issues are addresses in depth. The moderator helps members in defining their objectives and in opening the door to creative solutions.

Each Meeting is divided into three segments (1) Educational Component, (2) Roundtable Discussions, (3) Business Guidance and Planning. At times the moderator will bring in outside professionals to offer in-depth information on their area of expertise. The PRO-Advisory meeting agendas typically cover the following:

Educational Component (Improve your business and personal outlook)

Sample topics:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Staffing and Compensation
  • Finance and Cash Flow
  • Succession Planning and Personnel Issues

Roundtable Discussion (Member support – hands on, unbiased input)

The second phase of the PRO-Advisory meeting is an open discussion where members raise current issues or problems they want to resolve or to explore opportunities that are open to them. Here members talk about real life issues, what’s happening now and what steps need to be taken.

Business Guidance (Set reachable goals and develop plans)

Peer advisory board members offer suggestions, critique, share similar experiences, and provide the forum to address each member’s issues. In essence, this is the heart of the meeting where the dynamics move into high gear. You quickly realize that a solution by all of us is better than by one of us alone.