(Frequently asked questions about peer advisory boards)

Question #1 – Do peer group advisory boards work for everyone?

Answer – No, if you are not willing to openly share with the group and go out of your way to help others, you’re not a good candidate.  If you’re not willing to listen to advice and work with peers and try new things you’re not a good candidate.  If you’re pretty sure you already know it all you’re not a good candidate.

Question #2 – When do the PRO-Advisory boards meet?

Answer – all groups meet for a four hour session one time per month.  Some of these sessions are morning, some afternoon, and some evening.  It is likely that a convenient time is available for you. Some sessions are even held on Saturday mornings to reduce time out of the office during working hours.

Question #3 – Where are PRO-Advisory meetings held?

Answer – currently PRO-Advisory boards are limited to the Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio metro area.  Meetings are held in various convenient conference facilities in this metropolitan area.

Question #4 – What are the requirements for joining?

Answer – You must be a business owner or operating manager of an organization.  You must be willing to contribute by both learning and sharing equally with other board members in a confidential forum.

Question #5 – How do I find the time to participate in PRO-Advisory when I am already so busy?  Will the time spent be a good investment?

Answer – We are all given the same 24 hours in each day. How you spend your time will determine the level of your success.  Do you believe you could be more successful?  Participating in PRO Advisory will give you a new perspective and advice for handling your challenges.  PRO-Advisory does not promise a specific return on investment however we will introduce you to ideas and concepts that will help you transform your business and make better decisions.

Question #6 – What Guarantee do I receive?

Answer – You receive an unconditional guarantee of your satisfaction.  We will place you in an advisory group that will provide you with valuable input to make a positive impact on your business and your personal satisfaction.  If you don’t feel that your board is the right one for you we will place you in another peer advisory board group or you may resign at any time.