Key Benefits

Listed below is a partial list of what you might expect to experience from PRO-Advisory involvement.

What You Will Get

  • Monthly board meetings held in professional settings
  • Facilitation of meetings by a trained PRO-Advisory specialist
  • Opportunity to leverage the experience and expertise of your fellow peer advisory board members.
  • Interaction with board members with similar needs and issues yet not from competing organizations
  • Presentations by outside experts on topics requested by peer board members

What You Will Gain

You can help your business and personal development through participation in:

  • Educational sessions
  • Peer roundtables
  • Collaboration with other advisory board members
  • An opportunity to get out of the busy office and strategize
  • Eliminate a feeling of isolation and gain a group to be accountable to

A Wide Range of Business and Personal Guidance

PRO-Advisory peer groups will help you in many areas including:

  • Strategically planning your business activities
  • Improved implementation of plans and tactics
  • Opportunity to share your biggest challenges in a confidential setting
  • Improved decision making using your group as a sounding board
  • Opportunity to brainstorm issues and opportunities
  • Selecting the best organizational structure
  • Dealing with organizational and people issues
  • Ideas for improved staff development
  • Evaluation of financial issues and analysis of options
  • Discussion of sales and marketing initiatives
  • Recommendations for needed business resources
  • Ideas related to succession planning and exit strategies