About Us

Who We Are:

PRO-Advisory Boards are provided by Pro Advisory, LLC (PRO).

Your PRO-Advisory facilitators are qualified individuals with senior level management experience.  They have shown a desire to help mentor members to achieve their goals.  These facilitators are carefully selected and are proven to be very effective at working with business leaders.  PRO-Advisory facilitators have prior peer group membership and advisory board experience.  They have received training in the PRO-Advisory system.  This system was developed with the guidance and cooperation of President’s Resource Organization, a company that has been successfully leading peer advisory boards since 1993.

John Rouse founded Pro Advisory in 2014 as a business coaching and consulting company with a focus on owners of emerging and mid-sized companies. He manages the peer group advisory boards that operate within the Ohio locations.  John’s business and organizational experience is extensive.  He has worked in small, mid-sized, and large organizations including small start-ups and two large Fortune 500 firms.  His business roles have covered a wide range of functions and have included the titles of President, Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, General Manager, Director of Marketing, and Sales Manager.  As a partner in a management consulting firm for several years John also had the opportunity to gain a wide range of exposure to the challenges faced by many companies.  As a member of various business boards of directors and several trade association boards he has provided guidance to many individuals and their leadership teams.

Facilitating the development of high-performing people and organizations has always been a passion of John’s.  He combines his wide-ranging experience, education (Masters in Management), and skills in group facilitation to help business leaders work together as a mastermind group.  His interest in the ongoing learning and development of people has motivated him to serve as an adjunct instructor at local universities.  He is dedicated to continuous personal improvement and life-long learning.  John is also a certified executive coach, and an accredited small business consultant.

 John Rouse, Advisory Board Facilitator

Who Your Peer Advisory Board Members Are:

  • Business owners and leaders just like you
  • Local professionals representing non-competing firms
  • Your personal mastermind group – a group of people you meet with regularly to help each other meet their desired goals.
  • A sounding board and trusted network of peer advisors

Tell Us About You:

The PRO-Advisory staff has developed the process and done the work necessary to assemble, coordinate, and organize your peer advisory board.  All that is missing is you and your willingness to participate and share with your fellow board members.

See the “Contact Us” tab to request information, tell us about yourself, and see if you qualify to join an existing or newly forming PRO-Advisory board.

“Our mission is to facilitate the development of high-performing people and organizations.”